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7Fathoms Rum

Seven Fathoms Premium Rum

Country of Origin
Cayman Islands


under water

Volume Percent

0,7 liter

Tasting Notes
It leaves an immediate impression with its beautiful amber color. At first, there are hints of very fresh grass as well as spicy woodnotes. After a certain resting phase, more nuances develop: chamomile, Angelica root and slightly floral notes. Seven Fathoms is a pleasantly spicy rum that impresses with its slight sweetness and special character. It has a medium to long finish.

Additional Information
Seven Fathoms Premium rum is a product of Cayman Spirits, the only distillery on the Cayman Islands. Organically farmed sugar cane is its base. After the distillation in the pot still and a certain resting phase, the rum is stored in former bourbon barrels. This is where it gets especially interesting: the storage takes place in the sea under water. Seven Fathom is a nautical unit of length and marks a depth of 12.08 meters, which is – according to master distiller Dilbert Nelson – the perfect depth and temperature to age rum. Of course, the location is a well-kept secret.