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St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey on Barbados (BWI) has an ancient tradition in rum production, reaching far back into the 17th century. Tradition and experience are what defines the products of St. Nicholas Abbey. In 2006, the Warren family took over the plantation and carefully restored it. In order to revive the rum production, the best possible support was brought in: Richard L. Seals of Foursquare Distillery –which is also based in Barbados, has since been part of the production and storage of rum.

The beginning, however, was less than promising: the plantation workers began to produce alcohol from fermented sugar cane. With the help of the first distillation devices, the original attempts resulted in a product that was described as a “hellish and horrible spirit.” Over the years and with more knowledge and experience, a good distillate was developed which became responsible for Barbados rum becoming famous. Even today, the sugar cane is exclusively harvested by hand from its own plantations. The plantation emphasizes an allover organic production process, which is why no pesticides or similar chemicals are used. Mass production and complex systems are not used. Another fact that makes this rum special is that it is exclusively distilled in the pot still process.

The rum matures and is stored in high-quality bourbon barrels, and the bottling into exclusive and hand-engraved bottles is done manually. The bottles, which could be called carafes, each show the provenance of St. Nicholas Abbey; further, the date of bottling and the batch’s number is noted on the bottle – which is a sign of high quality and a trait of the individual bottling. Even the cork is special: when a 200-year-old mahogany tree was toppled over in a storm, the decision was made to use the wood to refine the cork with this wood.


The white rum produced by St. Nicholas Abbey has delicate hints of banana, vanilla and tropical fruit. While its freshness is impressive, it is not too youthful – which is why “the white” lends itself to being used in mixed drinks as well as enjoying it neat.


Barbados calling! The young 5er has the spice that is typical for Barbados, as well as fruity notes and a light nose of vanilla from the molasses’ sweetness. On the palate, the molasses plays it dry in combination with tropical force, ringing in a medium to long finish.


A time well spent – those 10 years in the barrel: besides the slight sweetness that is a feature of the 5yr old, there are also notes of chocolate, a touch of cinnamon and restrained fruit, all of which are topped off by orange and the typical Barbados flavor. The palate confirms the nose, and the finish is intense and long lasting – irresistible to everyone!


The 15yr old St. Nicholas Abbey is an exquisite single cask bottling that is characterized by a very wide range of aromas: after giving it some time in the glass, the connoisseur is bewitched by sophisticated, slightly leathery notes accompanied by smoky wood. Caramel segues into fruity nuances of mango and banana, and the palate is rewarded with a true kaleidoscope of flavors and a long lasting finish.